About us

The company Metalac was founded in 1979 and since its founding has been engaged in the production of equipment, devices, tools and parts made of fire-resistant, stainless and carbon steels.

The field of application of Metalac products is wide. In particular, our products are used in steel industry, metal processing industry, glass industry, brick, ceramics, paper industry, cement industry, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry.

Metalac engineers develop detailed documentation based on customer needs and requirements, as well as provide optimal design and technological solutions regarding temperature, external loads, pressure and other factors that are important in the operation of the product. Also, project tasks are successfully accomplished according to the documentation and drawings of customers.

During their work process, Metalac engineers use modern computer software, which enables a fast and accurate process of design and construction and provides an adequate response to customer needs.

After the customer approves the final design, our engineers continuously monitor the development of the product during its manufacturing process.

Metalac has established a reputation as a manufacturer of quality and durable products. Thanks to the production capacities, equipment of good quality workforce, Metalac is in a situation to start its entire production program and finish it in itslife circle.


The processing methods we use include:

  • – Cutting materials (hidraulic shears, scissors, plasma-gas, saws),
  • – Plastic deformation (bending-rolling, rolling, pressing),
  • – Welding (Rel, Mig / Mag, Tig),
  • – Cutting (turning, milling, drilling),
  • – Grinding (round, flat),
  • – Sandblasting,
  • – Painting (wet, dry)

Personal pride and accountability is the basis of the philosophy of quality. Each participant in the production is personally responsible for each element or part of the equipment we make. In large and complex jobs, our engineers collaborate with other institutions, laboratories and engineers in order to obtain a safe and quality product.

We have standards:

  • – ISO 9001
  • – EN 3834

The history

Osnovana zanatska radnja Metalac

The craft shop Metalac was founded by Mr Petar Ivanović

  • Construction of the first production hall.
  • Acquisition of production of metal construction equipment.
Promena statusa firme
In 1981 the company changed its status by forming an establishment named Metalac Novaci.
Purchase of the first thread rolling machine.

Acquisition of the program and start of production of tools and equipment from fire-resistant steels for heat treatment.

Osvajanje i početak proizvodnje

Conquest and start of production of heater linings and welded pipes of all diameters and wall thicknesses.
Non-standard welded pipes

Apsolutni lider

Metalac is becoming the absolute leader on the market of the former Yugoslavia in the production of heat treatment tools.

  • Replacement of production equipment of the complete factory with new machines.
  • Construction of a new production hall.

Heat treatment equipment and tools

Promena statusa firme
In 2003 the company chaned its status to Metalac ad Novaci. Acquisition of the program and production of the spare parts for the process industry have begun.
  • Construction of a new production hall.
  • Intensive investment in machining equipment.

Start of production of equipment for the ship industry.

Ship equipment

Purchase and commissioning of four-roll sheet metal rolling machine 30mm/3000mm.

Purchase and commissioning of 3 horizontal drills - milling machines.

Izgradnja hale
  • Construction of a hall for surface protection.
  • Procurement of new equipment for dry and wet painting.
  • Construction and commissioning of a chamber sandpit.
  • Procurement of equipment for electric arc metallization.
  • Construction of an assembly hall
  • Procurement of a new CNC press brake 400t/4000mm.
  • Procurement of apkant press 600t/6000mm.
  • Procurement of the sixth horizontal drill.